Saturday, May 20, 2017

Crazy Couple and Their Dog

A very festive couple in the Mardi Gras parade.  She is sporting a pink boa which matches her hair, and a mask.  He is dressed, I believe, as a crawfish.  The doog looks like he is trying to look like he's not with them.

Sword Woman

I decided it was time to try something more geeky, so I tried to draw a lady samurai.  She turned ok ok, not great but not too bad.  The sword got a little wonky.  Overall I think it turned out alright, but I'm hoping the next one turns out better.

Hooded Figure

A hooded figure walking a a crowded sunny street.  Not an image you see every day.  Actually this guy was part of a group of larpers who were taking part in a parade.  I thought his costume was pretty cool.


This one turned out pretty good.  The chair is a little weird but the woman isn't bad.  I don't know who relaxes in a bustier, but hey it's my drawing...

Having A Lovely Time

The guy on the right looks like he's just having the best time ever.  He just cracked me up.  The rest of the picture is not very interesting, but he makes the whole thing work for me.

Mobster Gal

It's probably just the hat, but for some reason when I finished this I thought she looked like a female version of a mobster.  I think this one turned out alright, more comic booky than cartoony.  As a life long fan of comics I am okay with that.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Have Some Beads

Caught this guy in mid-toss.  The fact that he's got this super fancy mask on and then just a regular shirt and jeans cracks me up.