Hello World

Welcome.  This is the first post in this blog, which I am starting to document my efforts in the world of art.  A little while back, I came to the realization that statistically I had lived longer than I had left to live.  Maybe it was my mid-life crisis, but I decided that I wanted to create something before I left this life.  I didn't want to die thinking "I wish I had tried to do x".

I have played guitar for many years now and I used to fancy myself a writer.  I have always had a desire to create.  Life, as it does,  got in the way.  I had kids, and bills to pay.  So I went to work, and went back to school in my thirties, and then went to work in jobs that demanded even more of my time.  I was well on my way to grinding out the rest of my life in the corporate machine.  But I wanted more out of my life.  I am in IT, hence the title of this post which references the first bit of programming that everyone learns.

I started with photography.  I bought a lower end DSLR camera and started learning how to use it.  I bought books and magazines.  I started taking pictures, and then started to submit them to online stock photo sites.  I got more rejections than I can count.  Then, suddenly they accepted one.  Then a couple more.  Now I have about 50 pictures available through stock photo sites, and more through a site that sells pictures on canvas and prints.

I have also decided to learn how to draw.  So I bought art supplies and books and I have been practicing sketching.  I have begun writing again, working on a science fiction horror story and posting articles about pop culture and politics online.  Lately I have begun gearing up to try my hand at collage.  Ironically guitar, which has been my sole artistic means of expression these many years, has been neglected to an extent, because I just don't have the time to do everything I want to do.  I am hoping to rectify this.

I know that if I want to excel at something I should focus on it to the exclusion of the other things.  But again, I don't want to end my life wishing I had tried something, so if doing a little of everything means I do not develop as much as I'd like at one thing, I guess that is the price I will pay.  I want to dip my toes in all of the creative pools.

One thing about being creative today, the internet has really democratized art.  So I can share my work and experiences if anyone is interested in taking a look.  I have created some social media pages, but wanted another way to present things, so I am starting this blog.  I will use it to share work, to discuss how things are going and obstacles I overcome.  This will be my forum to vent about my creative endeavors.  I look forward to sharing with anyone who might be interested.  My hope is that I can brighten a day or two with some piece of work, or inspire someone else to do something creative that they have been on the fence about.

Because I think that is what life is all about.  Each of us contributing some small thing to our culture to make someone happy, or inspired, or comforted, or whatever.  If anyone connects with something I do, or takes inspiration from it, then it will all have been worth it.