Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rocky Hill Top

Another rocky hilltop.  You may have noticed by now that barren landscapes and dead trees hold as much fascination for me as do lush forests and blossom laden bushes.  This time of year it is the former that tends to be more available, so that is what dominates my photos for now.  For those of you who prefer greener nature shots, fear not!  Spring is coming soon.

Mandalorian Helmet

It was only a matter of time before my geek side came through on here.  This is a quick sketch I did of a Mandalorian helmet from Star Wars.  Again, scanning it in and seeing it in a larger digital version the faults really stand out.  But seeing what I did wrong is part of the learning process.  Oh, and if you are a Star Wars fan, you should read my articles about the dark side of Star Wars, the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, and that time the Muppet Show predicted the future of the Star Wars franchise.

Barn on the Hill

I had a tough time with this picture.  I had a shot in mind, but I couldn't get the angle I wanted without losing some visibility of the barn. Unfortunately there is a major highway about 2 steps back from where I took this.  Otherwise I think I would have gotten the shot I wanted.  As it is, it is almost right.

Female Silhouette

I liked the cowboy silhouette, so I decided I'm going to do some more of those.  Unfortunately once I scan them in flaws that weren't so noticeable in the pencil and paper version become very obvious.  Still, I like the look of these, and it is easier than drawing in all the detail.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


It's a weird angle, and with the empty trees there was something in this picture that reminded me of a horror movie.  I have to be honest, though, I am looking forward to spring a return of color to my outdoor photo excursions.

Queen of the Scene

The names for the posts are starting to have less, to do with the actual content of the pictures, because let's face it, how many times can I call something Woman's Face?  Also, there was something about the picture that to me suggested someone who was trying very hard to be fabulous.


This is the kind of bluff I like to stand at the top of and pretend I'm an Indian scout.  With the winter trees this has a desert look, but this is in the south, far from any deserts.  Nature still makes the best art.

I've Just Seen A Face

I draw a lot of women's faces, I know, but what can I say?  I like women.  This one is better than most I have done, but I still have a hard time with the nose.  I named it after a Beatles' song because I love the Beatles, even though the picture's not good enough to warrant the association.

Tree And Pond

I couldn't decide if I wanted the tree or the pond, so I put them both in this one.  You can see the fountains in the pond behind the tree.  This is a nice little spot right in the middle of an ugly block of office buildings.

Cowboy Silhouette

This ended up being messier than I intended, but I ended up liking the smudges, and instead of erasing them I enhanced them.  So it's basically a shadow cowboy sitting on a white chair.  I thought about doing the chair in silhouette as well, but then it became harder to tell where the chair ended and the cowboy began.  After playing around with it, this is the version I ended up liking best, so here it is.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


This looks like a Star Trek landscape.  I love rocky hills and such.  Of course being a dirty hippy kid I like nature in general.  This looks like a western landscape, but is actually more mid-western.

Submissive Lady

I was pretty happy with this one.  Just so we're clear, I'm not really going for photo realism.  After all, if I want that I'll take a photo.  I'm learning to draw so I can do more abstract stuff and things you can't do in a photo.  Plus I just want to dabble in all the art forms.

New barn

Believe it or not this is smack dab in the middle of a medium sized town.  There's a big parcel of land surrounded by banks and fast food restaurants, and the owner keeps cattle on it and appears to be building a new barn.  I love the touch of rustic right in the middle of city life.


This one started out larger but it was having some major problems.  So I cropped it down to just the part that I liked.  Hair is meh but the face is okay.  I noticed that the scan put a weird red mark under her nose so it almost looks like it is bleeding.  Oh well.

Another Winter Tree

Another winter tree, this one has a small evergreen sort of growing around it.  I hope the smaller tree doesn't kill the older one.  Something about the angle and everything of this one, almost makes it feel like a Halloween picture, even though it was taken in January.


Maybe it's obvious, but I modeled this on a photo of Jim Morrison.  I wasn't able to get my singer to have that same quality of cool, but hey I'm not a magician.  Need to work on lips, still having a hard time with them.  Think I'll stop doing quick sketches soon and maybe start spending a little more time.  I don't know though, because time is something I don't seem to have a lot of these days.

Lamp Post

Every time I find a lamp post surrounded by trees it makes me thing of Narnia.  I have yet to meet a faun at any of them though.  Perhaps I should sue the C.S. Lewis estate for false advertising?

Thoughtful Lady

I was pretty happy with this one, but now it looks almost unfinished to me.  The hand is a little weird too.  I do think it's one of my better faces so far.  Is she praying or thinking?  What has her in such a pensive state?


A really cool old tree in a field, bare of leaves due to the season, awaiting its moment of rebirth come the spring.  The color of the sky hints at how very cold it was that day.

Naughty Lady

This is another one I modeled on a photo and cleaned up a bit.  I hope it's obvious that she is wearing pants.  Of course she is about to get paddled, so even with no nudity it is still a bit of a naughty picture.

Orchard in Winter

Row upon row of dead looking trees, but come spring they will be bursting with color and fruit.  Trees that look uniform in their foliage also show some individuality in their nakedness.

Leaning lady

The photograph that I modeled this on had a naked lady leaning off a pillar.  Since I don't want this to end up being a NSFW blog, I decided to draw her with clothes on.  Less interesting than the original, but these are basically practice pieces anyway.

Propane tank

This old propane tank was just out on the edge of a field by some trees.  It's been there for a while, judging by the rust.  I wonder why it's there, and how it got there.  It's strange how you'll be out in the middle of nowhere and just find these old pieces of things that people left behind.

Lazy eyed lady

She wasn't meant to have a lazy eye, it just kind of worked out that way.  And since I don't believe in the constraints of conventional beauty, I ran with it.  Plus was too lazy to go back and fix it.  So here she is, for better or worse.  Oh, and I think that was going to be a flower down by her mouth, but now even I don't remember what I was doing.

Gas pumps

This just seems like an odd set-up to me.  The building where you paid was off to the side, and obviously none of it had been used in a great many years.  It seems like a really bad idea to keep your gas in a metal container above ground though.

Holding her

I talked about pictures telling stories in my last post.  I hope that my drawings might get to a point of hinting at stories as well.  I'll obviously never be known for my technical artistic ability (what is up with the size of the woman on the left's head?) but I hope to be able to give someone a moment of happiness or inspiration.  Even with its faults, I think this picture hints at a story.  That's why I think it is one of my favorites so far.

Old gas station

I believe that buildings have stories to tell.  And when I find old, abandoned buildings, I feel like they might have some really interesting ones.  My hope is to hint at their potential stories in the pictures I take.  That you will look at it and wonder what may have happened there, or maybe even start your own story about it.

Hat lady

I could not get her left eye right, no matter what I did.  So I decided that it's in a shadow and you just can't see it.  Looking at this one now I can see that it looks obviously rushed.


I take a lot of pictures of trees.  They can just convey so many things.  They can be powerful, or gentle looking.  This tree to me shows cold and loneliness.  But the great thing about trees is they always show promise and hope, because you know that in a few months this tree will be covered in foliage again and be looking its best.

Glove wearing lady

It is hard to convey that she is wearing a glove without using color.  Right now I am not wanting to do color, I just want to do black and white sketches.  I might revisit this one at some point in the future though.  I think some color might add a lot.


These cows were all huddled together, I'm guessing for warmth.  This was a very cold day.  As much as I like the look of winter landscapes, I'm looking forward to some warmer weather to get out and take pictures in.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Movie Star

I actually drew this modeled from an old picture of some black and white movie star.  After I was done I looked at it and realized it looks very similar to a Heavy Metal (the comic magazine) cover from the 80's I think it was.  I guess whoever drew that must have used the same photo for inspiration.  I don't even remember who the movie star was now.

Barn and bales

This barn needs a new roof.  It's weird, this is out in the country but it's just minutes from the heart of Wal-Mart country.  I love the fact that places like this are still out there, even if they are getting harder to find.


I misjudged the scale a bit and so ran out of room for the wings.  I still like it though, in fact I think it's one of the better things I've drawn.  I may revisit this one and put in some background details.  Right now I'm trying to just get past the stick figure stage.

Old shack and truck

My favorite part of this is the gas pump next to the old truck just sitting there, absolutely useless.  This old shack wasn't near a house, it makes me curious what it is used for.  I hope someone's not living in it, but this is out in the country so there is no telling.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Grabber In Chief

If you are into the whole political thing, then may I suggest you check out some of  the political articles I have written, about topics like gun control , why I think America is already great, economic inequality, and ideological extremism.  Even people who disagree are welcome, so long as you can be polite.