Thursday, March 16, 2017


This is a parade float with flags from countries from around the world.  I think the point is that if you take away the fake barriers of borders, religions, and race, we are all just humans, brothers and sisters making our ridiculous way along on this planet.

Thinking Deep Thoughts

Just a woman thinking the deep thoughts of life.  What happens after this life?  Why does evil exist?  Where did I leave my keys?  I think this one turned out pretty good.  Some of the pencil marks were light and almost didn't scan, but in spite of this I think this may be my best drawing yet.

Mardi Gras Couple

Some Mardi Gras revelers on the street.  The lady is trying to hustle some beads, though obviously not in the traditional way but instead by just asking.  Oh well, this parade was a family event.

Tree and Moon

I saw the moon behind a stunted and twisted little tree and decided to try to draw it.  I like the sort of abstract way this turned out.  Overall I think I am pretty pleased with this one.

Little GTO

I took this one for me because I thought this old GTO was the coolest.  But then I really liked how it turned out and decided to share it.I wish the rear end hadn't got cut off in the pic.  I love how the color of the car looks here though.

Space Explorer

A female space explorer, based on old pulp magazine covers.  Could have been better, once again a little rushed. This is another one that I might circle back around to.

A Giant Chicken Meets A Well Dressed Pooch

It's not every day you see someone in a chicken suit petting a dog wearing a vest and hat, so I had to immortalize this moment.  I think future generations will thank me for it.

Naughty Angel

A quick sketch I did of a naughty angel.  I thought I liked it, but now that I see it here I see like a million mistakes. Oh well, it is what it is.  Actually I kind of rushed this one.I should have spent more time on the wings.  But this was really more of a doodle anyway.  Maybe at some point I'll do a more fleshed out version.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mardi Gras crowd 5

This one cracks me up, because the little girl in the pink jacket is not even touching the ground.  It looks like she is so excited that she is hovering.   Kids always make for fun crowd shots anyway IMO.  I like this one.


Another one that is a little naughty.  Unfortunately the mouth and teeth went a little weird on me, causing her to look a little bit like an inbred moron.  No offense to any inbred morons who might be cruising this blog.  Maybe this pic will get me a whole new audience in the inbred moron demographic.

Mardi Gras crowd 4

Another shot of the massive crowd at the celebration.  You can see that they fill the street,and the crowd went on for blocks with small pockets of space like the one I found myself in when I took this pic.

Wonder Woman

Another contribution influenced by my geeky side, this is a picture of Wonder Woman that I modeled on a photo of Lynda Carter as that character.I think this one turned out really good.  Wonder Woman looks a bit tired, but maybe she has been fighting against the evils of man all day.  BTW, if you are a comic book fan, read my article about my favorite comic books.

Mardi Gras crowd 3

There was a swarm of people just walking the street.  Luckily traffic had already been blocked from using this street.  It was a pretty good sized crowd.

The End of a Long Day

This woman looks tired, like she is having a smoke at the end of a very long day.  Hence the title.  Little bit if an issue with the right eye, otherwise I thing this one turned out pretty good.  In fact I think it may be the best one I have done so far.

Taking a picture of the girl taking a picture of me

This one caught my fancy because I noticed that when I took the picture there was a girl right in the middle of the shot taking a picture of me with her cell phone.  It is meta or something.  That makes this otherwise kind of boring crowd shot interesting to me.


I was originally going to draw a woman in a full hijab, but this seemed more exotic to me, just a veiled face with the hair showing.  I went almost abstract when it came to the body, the face was my primary focus on this.  It has some rough edges and some problems, but overall I kind of like it.

Mardi Gras crowd 2

Another shot of the crowd at Mardis Gras.  There is a lot actually happening in this picture.  Kids grabbing for beads, the lady about to put on one string.  You can see part of a parade float, but alas not one of the interesting ones.  There will be some of the parade itself to come.


I had a little trouble with the mouth on this one, but overall I like the way it turned out.  Of course, part of that may be because it's a bit naughty.  I like art that is suggestive without being graphic.  And boobs are fun to draw, but that comes as no surprise.

Mardi Gras crowd

The crowd at the local Mardis Gras celebration.  That balcony was packed.  As crowded as it was down on the street I was happy to not be up there. There were a lot of interesting people that day.  There will be more pics of this day to come.


This was part of a larger drawing that starting going wrong.  So I decided to salvage what I could, which was mainly the face.  Not very good, in fact maybe a step backward for me, but I decided to share everything and so here it is.